Eva Cállmin

Sweden has a background in crafts and arts. She was certified in Psychophysical Bodywork in 1984 and worked in a Crisis Intervention Center in California all throughout the 1980´s. She undertook the Grof Transpersonal Training 1987-90 following her own spiritual rebirth at Esalen with Stan and Christina Grof in 1985. (Read more)

Eva has conducted holotropic breathwork groups and individual sessions in Sweden for over 30 years. Her interest in the shamanic field led her to include sweat lodges, drum journeys, and trance dance into the breathwork retreats. In the mid 90’s she was one of the Nordic team organizing the first GTT training and also in 1999 Eva helped organize the Transpersonal Conference in Stockholm ‘Exploring the Spiritual Dimension’.

Eva has two degrees in psychotherapy, both for individuals and groups, and has worked for many years as a consultant in crisis therapy for employees at SIDA; Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency.

She is a Kundalini yoga instructor for 30 years and has spent a lot of time studying Yoga and Ayurveda in India as well as being a Mindfulness instructor since 2010. Today Eva is in private practice in Stockholm and in an eco-permaculture village in Sweden.