Malte Nielsen

Malte lives in Copenhagen together with his partner Kitty.

He is studying medicine at the University of Copenhagen and works with trauma informed body oriented psychotherapy in his private clinic.

His background includes training in mindfulness and meditation,  TRE-provider (Tension and Trauma Release exercises) and training in the Bodynamic psychotherapy system. 

After discovering the writings of Stanislav Grof, Malte participated in a Holotropic Breathwork workshop with Ole Ry in Estonia in 2014.  Inspired by this event he went on to join the Holotropic Breathwork Facilitator training.

At the time Stanislav Grof was still teaching on the modules in Grof Transpersonal Training but there was no training in the Scandinavian countries so Malte travelled to the United States, Russia and Europe in 2014-2018 to finish his certification in Holotropic Breathwork.

Malte also draws inspiration from nature, traditional medicine, buddhism, martial arts and his meditation teachers.