Module 2

The adventure of birthing and dying

27.05. – 04.06.2023

In this module we will investigate this cycle from both an experiential and a theoretical point of view. The imprint of the birth process and the formative consequence for our later life is described in detail by Stanislav Grof in the Four Basic Perinatal Matrices (perinatal: around birth). This gives meaning in holotropic states of consciousness, and the re-living may free us from disturbing patterns. 

Paradoxically birth is also an encounter with death, one of the greatest existential fears.  Coming to terms with death may be a major achievement for living a good life. We will look at death and dying from both western and eastern perspectives, including the transformative nature of near-death-experiences, and how to understand bardo states and re-birth.

How to assist someone safely through a holotropic process in the role as “sitter” will be highlighted. This involves the importance of presence and the wisdom of doing-by-not doing