Module 6

The return of the hero/heroine


17.05. – 25.5.2025 (Dates to be confirmed)

This is the final module where everything falls into place and becomes truly integrated. Integration comes about when we move from a state of undifferentiation to differentiation and then to integration. 

The outcome of a breathwork or psychedelic session depends not just on what traumatic material has surfaced, but how the experience is completed and integrated. It is not just “going to the movies”, it is about integration. As facilitators we need to fully understand this to be able to skilfully and safely support the experiencer towards completion. The module will focus on this.

From the perspective of Joseph Cambell’s The Hero’s Journey, completion is the time when the hero/heroine prepares to return to home with the gifts received after a long, adventurous odyssey. We will recapitulate the stages of the journey and examine how to ease the return. 

We will look at some of the pitfalls that can appear in the integration process. Like the Pre/Trans Fallacy, when the prepersonal and the transpersonal become confused. Or when differentiation goes too far and becomes fragmentation and disconnection. 

This module will also consider the wider perspective of the Cosmic Game: the Explorations of Frontiers of Human Consciousness.

Our final focus point will be on the importance of celebration.