Kitty Katriina Karaksela

Kitti has her roots in the Finnish Lapland and has a background in art and animation from Norwegian University of Volda and Estonian Academy of arts. Today she is based in Copenhagen where she has been living since 2015.

Kitti has been working with art internationally, and today she is practising as a Gestalt psychotherapist at her private clinic. She is a Mindfulness instructor and TRE-provider (Tension and Trauma Release exercises).

Kitti encountered breathwork in South America in 2011 while living in Colombia, working with the native communities there. Afterwards her journey took her to Spain where she started her holotropic breathwork education with Grof Transpersonal Training in 2017. 

Kitti is passionate about nature, and uses creativity and play, as tools for healing, together with somatic oriented psychotherapy and meditation.