Module 5

Psychedelic Therapy

5a: 28.09. – 04.10.2024


5b: 19.02. – 23.02.2024

The development of modern psychedelic therapy has had a turbulent history since Stanislav Grof in the late fifties initiated research with LSD. After being banned in the sixties, there is now again fast-growing interest all over the world in the therapeutic use of psychedelics.

In this module we will explore the therapeutic potential from the transpersonal perspective. We will look at the indication; when to use psychedelics and when to use Grof®Breathwork.

A major objective is to prepare practitioners for this work in order to avoid the mistakes of the past. In particular we will explore the importance of “set and settings”.

Since we would like to offer those interested a direct experience, the module is for legal reasons planned to take place in the Netherlands. Having this direct experience will of course be optional for the individual participant.